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‘The ethereal veil of green’ September 2022, Litla Gallery Hafnarfjörður Iceland

Pop up exhibition at Litla Gallery in Iceland presents new works by Wioletta Kulewska Akyel created during her one month artist-in residence at the Hafnarborg Centre of Culture and Fine Art. Kulewska has worked with natural materials found on the seashore of Hleinar park in Hafnarfjörður, as well as impressions and experiences gathered during her stay in Iceland. A five-hour walk across Fagradaksfjall volcano became the setting for her paintings. The volcanic landscape, dramatic images of melting glaciers, natural objects and museums visits are central to Kulewska’s new work. Kulewska transformed all her kaleidoscopic finds and experiences into language of painting. The new works explores themes of climate change, nature and representations of women through an acutely personal lens.  

Litla 04.JPG
Litla 02.JPG
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